What is this site about?

Honestly, I don’t know yet. I don’t know where this will lead, how this will go on. All I know is where I want it to end. But the way to that end-point, to our destination isn’t determined yet. We will fail, we will fall and we will be close to giving up, but all what counts is that we won’t give up, that we’ll stand up and try it again and again until we succeed.

Already mentioned the end-point, let us define that “heroic” end-point I, and hopefully also You, want to reach. Although I don’t know exactly what this will be all about, I know it’ll be about data, about mastering data and using all advantages data can give us to find solutions to the most difficult, most complex situations and problems out there. That’s our end-point. But be warned: most difficult and most complex doesn’t always mean it has to do with tons of math, that we don’t already have an answer, a solution for it. Sometimes the answer can be as simple as 1+1 , but we didn’t come up with that idea yet; Sometimes we already have an answer or believe to have one but it’s based on feelings, some feelings deep inside of us that seem to tell us what the answer is, but there’s nothing more deceiving than feelings, yet also nothing more powerful than feelings, so our goal is to find data that supports our feelings.

Suppose you’re a journalist and you’re working on a story. You have that feeling that your story will be a huge thing. Is it really a huge thing or is it just you who thinks so? Is there a way to support your feeling with data?